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In the summer of 2007, we were kayaking along the Oravareitti canoeing route that runs between Juva and Sulkava. We then came ashore at Oravanpesät in Sulkava, near the midway point of the beautiful route. We were absolutely taken with the place, and then the owners told us that it was for sale. Thus while sitting in sauna that night we decided to turn a fresh page on our lives and start our own business.

Hence we are now owners to a neat camping site, and we have not had a single regret. Previously the firm only offered services in kayaking and camping, but as new owners we wanted to give something new to the area.  What is more, we are now open all year round. Please acquaint yourself with the Services part of our site and see for yourself all that we can offer. We also have lots interesting events coming about, so make sure check out Current affairs too.

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You can download a PDF-brochure from here