Kuva piha-alueeltaWe have 6 light log cabins of 12 m2 each in the area of about 2 hectares, and each of the them can house up to 4 people. All cabins are equipped with a coffee machine, a fridge and the basic cutlery. The pillows and blankets are also included in the price, but we charge extra for the linen.

There are two regular beds and a bunk bed in all the cabins.

In the immediate vicinity of the cabins there is tap for drinking water and a log shelter for cooking. The canopy comes ready with a gas stove and an assortment of pots and pans.
What is more, the yard also has a barbecue shed with two open top charcoal grills.

There are three outhouses in the area.

Camping using your own tent is also possible for a fee, and we can even rent you a military tent, if you are travelling with a larger crowd. The tent in question can hold up to twenty people.

KevythirsimökkejäKuva sisältä

The Piilopirtti cottage


Our camping site also has something more for you. We can rent you the Piilopirtti, which is an idyllic log cabin built from the timber of an old drying barn on the shores of lake Kaitajärvi. The cottage is meant for up to six people, and as such it has sleeping berths for four guests upstairs and a double bed downstairs. The house has a fireplace built of natural stone for that extra atmosphere in the evenings. Naturally, the cottage also has radiators and a stove for heating.

The cabin also sports an outdoors kitchen with a beautiful lakeside view you can enjoy while cooking. What is more, the sauna could not be any closer to the beach, and more importantly, there is a view towards the west and the setting sun. Furthermore, the beach of the cabin is ideal for families with children, as it is gently sloping. The cottage is located near our other cabins, but it still lies within its own beautiful niche, and the weather permitting, the skiing and skating routes begin straight from the beach. This place really a rest for the weary and it fits the Finnish ideal so perfectly that it feels like something out of a romantic poem.

The cottage is rented out for whole weeks at a time, and it can be used the year round. It has an outhouse and running water inside.

PiilopirttiPiilopirtti talvella