Our company organizes full service kayaking tours along the Oravareitti route for both individuals and groups, and these trips can be done in either a traditional canoe, a kayak for a single or kayak for a double. In addition, we can provide you with all the other necessary gear, such as life vests, paddles, spraydecks and water-proof bags or barrels for gear.

We will transport you and the gear to the starting point and pick you up from a pre-arranged location. We can also make you a boxlunch or arrange a proper meal afterwards at Oravanpesät, and there is nothing better than sauna before the meal to ease the tender muscles. Then with a full stomach you can settle for the night in one of our cabins, which are guaranteed to be peaceful. There are, after all, some benefits to being a small place surrounded by nature.

In the morning we can serve you a breakfast or even warm up the sauna, if you so wish.

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Melontaa oravareitillä